Inner Wild

WildEyeBoxedWe come into this world as a human, but we seem to forget that we too, are animals.  We have complex emotions, instincts and an intuitive ability that most of us have lost in the process of our own domestication.  Our “training” has been administered to us  by our parents, our peers, our school and authority figures; in total, the culture that we live in. 

This training has been necessary; we do need to fit into society,  know the rules, and be decent citizens.  It is equivalent to the importance of training a dog, or a horse, so they can meld into our world appropriately.  Imagine getting a puppy, never housebreaking it, allowing it to jump all over people, and chew up anything it wants.  No one would ever want to come to your house, nor have you come to theirs with your dog!

This part of ourselves that we have lost – our instinctive, emotional and intuitive side – is what I call our “Inner Wild.” It is not something that we needed to part with to become good citizens.  In fact, being disconnected from this aspect of ourselves tends to make us confused, depressed and in many ways, numb.  I strongly believe that this is one of the reasons that we, as a culture,  need intoxicating amounts of stimulation so that we can feel something…in some cases, feel anything! 

Part of the beauty of working with horses, is that their animal, instinctual self, is intact, and that is a powerful reason why we are so attracted to them. We long to reconnect with this very aspect of ourselves, and we see that horses have it!  We want our own Inner Wild back.

Since you are reading this,  I know that you would really like a True Partnership with these magnificent animals.  To do this, you must be able to “read” them, to ascertain what is happening inside of them, and what they are experiencing. It is not possible to clearly “read” a horse when you are  stuck in your mind, thinking hard and struggling with how to “figure it out,” yet the value of being in your mind, solving problems and figuring things out has been deeply ingrained in you from a very early age.

So, if you are following my drift, then you are beginning to see yet another dizzying dilemma! You want to connect deeply with these animals; you want your Inner Wild back, but you can’t just get it from the horse.  You need to be able to access your own instincts, emotions and intuition. One does not preclude the other, however! Horses are great teachers, and since I have been on this trail for a very long time, I am here to  guide you on what can be the most beautiful ride of your life. 

It’s time. It’s time to start feeling again, feeling the simple wonder of the horse and the simple wonder of who you really are.

It’s time to reconnect with your Inner Wild!

~ Midori