True Partnership

Horse and rider; quietly connected.
Notice where both horse and rider are focused. This is a soft, yet dynamic connection.
Our definition of True Partnership is when both horse and rider are dynamically connecting with one another.  Taking responsibility for our half of the relationship is of utmost importance.  We so often expect our horse to trust us, but we don’t trust the horse.  We want the horse to relax, let go of his fear and use his body correctly, but we have no idea of how to actually do that ourselves!  When you contemplate this dilemma, you see that it is ludicrous to think that your horse can be capable of doing what you cannot even do yourself, after all, you are the one guiding him, and the horse always reflects what you bring to the arena.
We at Wild Horsemanship, can help you relax, learn to let go of your fear and use your body correctly.  When you are less in your head, and more in your heart, you will be able to find that Inner Wild that resides inside.  When you are in tune with your own body, mind and spirit, True Partnership with your horse can be obtained.