horse laying on the groundWild Horsemanship was originally founded as Northbay Natural Horsemanship by Midori Morgan in 2002.  Midori’s drive to learn the best methods of connecting with, and training horses kept us continually seeking new information, never stagnating and always growing.

As we grew, so did our exposure to all kinds of horses, including wild mustangs.  Wild horses have inspired us (hence the change of our company’s name), because they come completely intact with their instincts, intuition and emotional sensitivities – their “Inner Wild”.  They have not lost connection to the animal they truly are, nor have they taken on any of the faults that  are often  bestowed upon them by humans.


We work with all types of horses, domestic bred and wild.  With the wild ones, we strive to keep their Inner Wild  in place; while assisting them in becoming quiet, confident, happy and safe partners.  With domestics,  our first goal is to help the horse restore those sensitivities (re-gain their own Inner Wild),  then proceed exactly as we would  for the wild ones: help them become quiet, confident, happy and safe partners that share in, and enrich our lives.


We particularly stay clear from any type of “Extreme Makeovers,” or competitions of any kind.  We always focus on developing a true connection between horse and handler, which does not outwardly appear to be thrilling, have flash or the heart-pounding stimulation that our culture seems so reliant on in order to feel anything. 


Our basic philosophy can be summed up by a quote from Tony Parsons, in his book, As it Is, The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening – “By letting go our fascination with the extraordinary and spectacular, we can allow ourselves to recognize the simple wonder that lies within the ordinary.  For life is its own purpose and doesn’t need a reason to be.  That is its beauty.”


What makes our approach enlightened?


  • We address body, mind and spirit of both horse and rider.
  • We have excellent, intuitive  practitioners who can help with any of the areas mentioned above.
  • We allow whatever is happening, in every moment, with our horse to be okay, rather than fight or condemn it with negativity.
  • We learn from everything, and guide the horse to make appropriate choices by positively reinforcing desired behaviors  so  he is a safe, confident and willing partner, who is a celebrated enhancement to our lives!


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Midori Morgan – our founder, owner, head trainer and writer/contributor for Cowgirl Magazine.


True Partnership – the connection that is possible when both sides of the relationship with your horse are addressed: yours, and his.


Inner Wild – our animal nature: the innate ability to connect to our intuition, instincts and emotions.